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Where are the MIAG machines produced?

The MIAG machines are manufactured on the highly automated production lines (laser cutting, welding robots) of our Turkish partner company and finally assembled in our workshop in Lonnerstadt.

How long is the delivery time for MIAG machines?

Delivery times cannot be given in general terms. After the order has been received, first a drawing of the machine is made for approval by the customer. The machine is only included in the production planning once the release has been received.

Then, the actual delivery time depends on the capacity utilization of production and the availability of add-on parts such as motors and sensors.

How does the spare parts supply work?

In Lonnerstadt, there is a spare parts warehouse with the most common spare and wear parts.

Add-on parts such as motors and sensors are called up directly from the suppliers if required.

All other spare parts that come from the production plant are delivered by freight forwarder or, in urgent cases, by air freight within the shortest possible time.

How do I get access to the MIAG customer portal?

All MIAG customers will automatically get access from March 2022 as soon as a new order is placed.

A user name and a personal password are required for registration.

What products are MIAG machines suitable for?

Basically, the machines from the areas of cleaning and milling are designed for the processing of grain or flour.

Use in other sectors or with other products is not excluded, but requires a case-by-case assessment.

Products from the handling area can be used in a variety of ways.

Which documents does MIAG GmbH supply with the machines?

MIAG always supplies an operating manual, CE declaration of conformity, ATEX declaration of conformity and a declaration of conformity for foodstuffs.

If third-party components (e.g. motors) are installed on the machine, the documents from the supplier are also part of the documentation.

The documentation is always provided digitally (e-mail or MIAG customer portal).

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