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Destoner Classifier


Destoner Classifier RKSA

The Destoner Classifier "RKSA" is used to classify the grain into a heavy and a light fraction.

The heavy fraction, in turn, goes to a stone selection deck, where stones are separated from the granular product.


The vibrating motors set the machine in motion and create a throwing movement due to the positioning and the inclination. On the upper, three-part sorting deck, a light fraction (specifically light grain) is first separated by a constant air flow. This light fraction migrates to the lower end of the machine and to the outlet there.

The heavy fraction, consisting of specifically heavier grain and stones, falls through the different screen fabrics onto the subsequent selection deck. Due to a constant air flow (external fan required) and the simultaneous vibration of the machine, specifically heavy parts (stones) migrate to the outlet at the top end of the machine, while specifically lighter products migrate to the outlet at the bottom end of the machine.

The quality and degree of selection during operation can be adapted to the respective conditions by changing the vibration, the inclination of the machine and the air volume flow. Depending on the processed product, the type and design (perforation, material) of the screens in the upper sorting deck can be adapted. The screens on the upper deck are selfcleaning thanks to the use of rubber balls.

  • Separation of the main product into a heavy and a light fraction simplifies subsequent cleaning tasks
  • High degree of selection and good selection quality
  • High capacitys
  • Low building loads due to vibration decoupling of the moving machine body
  • Integrated air regulation flap and vacuum indicator
  • Suitable for plenty different products and applications
  • Quick and easy change of the decks
  • Simple adjustment of the most important parameters during operation
  • Generous viewing window for process monitoring
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (inside/outside)
  • External fan with dustcyclone or -filter
  • Different mesh of the selection deck
  • Digital vacuum sensor with display and signal output (4...20 mA)
  • Aluminium-frame
  • Wear protection
  • LED interior lighting
  • Custom painting (standard: RAL9003/RAL3003)
Technical data
Type Capacity*
Motor Power
Net Gross Volume
RKSA-80 8 2 x 0,35 80 570 633 5,9
RKSA-120 16 2 x 0,68 120 650 732 7,7
RKSA-180 24 2 x 0,68 230 790 899 10,3
* Capacities are non-binding values, which are based on wheat (0.75 kg/dm³). The Capacity may vary depending on product, humidity, contamination and environmental conditions.
RKSA 80 1.610 1.050 2.000 2.200 1.257 950 120 120 120 400 500
RKSA 120 1.450 1.356 150 120 150 500
RKSA 180 2.000 1.900 200 150 200 600
in mm


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