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Horizontal Dampening Machine


Horizontal Dampening Machine RINA

The Horizontal Dampening Machine "RINA" is used for the homogeneous and intensive mixing of grain and water in the grain dampening section.


The cleaned grain enters the machine through the round inlet. An integrated sensor detects product flow and starts water dosing (from external water dosing unit; separate control system required).

In the first section of the machine, which mainly consists of a paddle screw, the water is dosed (external dosing unit required) and mixed with the product. The product then enters the cylindrical mixing section, in which different mixing tools intensively mix the product with the water in a countercurrent. The retention time is adjusted with a slide gate right before the outlet.

Due to the retention time insinde the machine and the intensive friction of the grains with each other, the water added at the inlet is brought into the grain as quickly as possible and is thus drawn into the grain evenly and quickly during storage in the dampening bins.

  • High capacity
  • High water addition quantities
  • Easy setting of the retention time in the machine
  • Shorter dampenting time in the silo
  • Stainless stell construction
  • Easy exchange of wear parts
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (inside/outside)
  • Rotation speed monitoring
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Dampening unit (moisture measurement and water dosing unit)
  • Chassis
  • Wear protection
  • Custom painting (standard: RAL9003/ RAL3003)
Technical data
Type Motor Power
Water Connection Weight
RINA-100/7.5 7,5 5-6 3/4" - (male thread) 600
RINA-100/11 11,0 10-12 650
RINA-100/15 15,0 12-20 700
RINA-100/22 22,0 20-25 750
RINA-160/30 30,0 25-30 1.200
RINA-160/37 37,0 30-35 1.250
RINA-160/45 45,0 35-40 1.350
* Capacities are non-binding values, which are based on wheat (0.75 kg/dm³). The Capacity may vary depending on product, humidity, contamination and environmental conditions.
Typ A B C D E F G H
RINA-100/7,5 2.600 1.000 800 150 150 180 550 730
RINA-160/33 3.200 1.600 240 240
in mm


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