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Rotary valve


Rotary valve HSCK

The rotary valve "HSCK" is used for the continuous discharge or dosing of granular and powdery bulk materials.

It is usually also used to separate zones with different pressure ratios from one another.


A rotor with radial ribs rotates in the cylindrical, cast iron housing. The product falls into the chambers of rotor and is stored there for half a turn.

The product then flows out of the chambers/ out of the rotary valve into the space below.

  • High tightness
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Max. over/under pressure 0,5bar
  • Several valves can be operated in series with just one drive
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (inside/outside; not suitable for decoupling explosions)
  • Different drive motors
  • Couplings
  • Rotation speed monitoring
  • Inlet sightglas
  • Outlet hopper
  • Rotary valve support
  • Custom painting (standard: RAL9003/ RAL3003)
Technical data
Type Capacity per
Capacity* [t/h] Weight
Wheat Flour Bran Corn Semolina Net Gross
HSCK-25/21 5 5,5 4,0 2,6 5,9 3,3 57 81 0,1
HSCK-25/27 6,2 6,8 4,0 3,2 7,3 4,1 61 88
HSCK-25/33 7,6 8,4 6,1 3,9 8,9 5,0 75,5 104

* Capacities are non-binding values, which are based on average product parameters. The Capacity may vary depending on product, humidity, and environmental conditions. Base: 35rpm, 70% filling.

MIAG Milling - Zellenradschleuse HSCK
Typ A B C E F G
HSCK-25/21 375 280 320 275 260 210
HSCK-25/27 435 337 272
HSCK-25/33 505 398 333
in mm


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