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Roller Mill


Roller Mill VWSE

The "VWSE" roller mill is used for grinding granular products, e.g. wheat, spelt, rye, corn, etc.

The roller mill is a universal grinding machine for hygienically demanding grinding tasks with low energy consumption compared to other grinding systems.


Through the large dimensioned inlet hopper with viewing window, the ground material reaches the grinding chamber via the feeding device, where it is effectively ground up by two grinding rollers rotating in opposite directions. The type and design of the feed and grinding rollers depends on the product to be ground and the intended use (e.g. crushing/grinding). The speed and transmission of the grinding rollers also vary according to the application. The exact configuration of the machine is determined individually for each application.

In a roller mill, there are always two pairs of rollers that can take on different tasks. The drive can be either with one motor per pair of rollers with the appropriate flat belt transmission (standard) or with an individual drive for each roller.

  • Level-dependent regulation of the feeding system
  • Sturdy base made of cast steel for low-vibration operation
  • Floor frame with anti-vibration mounts
  • Ergonomic and hygienic design
  • Easy access to clean the grinding chamber and the feeding
  • Rolls quick-change system
  • Central-lubrication
  • Speed monitoring of the grinding rollers
  • Vibration monitoring of the entire machine
  • Bearing temperature monitoring of the main bearings
  • Integrated machine control with ProfiBUS connection
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (inside/outside)
  • Product touching parts in stainless steel
  • Roller diameter 250mm or 300mm in the same chassis
  • Single drive for each grinding roll
  • Vertical division of the roller mill
  • Additional roll changing package, including roll changing carriage
  • ProfiNET connection
  • Sensors to detect hot surfaces and smoldering spots in the mill outlet
  • Temperature monitoring of the grinding rollers
  • Smoke gas detection sensors in the mill outlet
  • Special versions for special products or special grinding
  • Custom painting (standard: RAL9003/ RAL3003)
Technical data
Type Roller length
Motor Power
Feeding Roll
Net Gros
VWSE-4/250/600 600 0,75 2.710 2.780 6,2
VWSE-4/250/800 800 2.920 3.000 7,4
VWSE-4/250/1000 1.000 3.140 3.440 8,1
VWSE-4/250/1250 1.250 3.380 3.710 9,1
Type A* A1* B B1 C V1 D E F G* ØH**
VWSE-4/250/600 1.825 1.360 1.720 1.600 1.605 605 776 1.030 1.490 2.350 Ø150
VWSE-4/250/800 1.805 805 976
VWSE-4/250/1000 2.005 1.005 1.176
VWSE-4/2501250 2.225 1.255 1.426
in mm
* Dimensions plus 70mm for floor frames with vibration dampers
** other connections/connection dimensions on request


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